2020 In Review

I looked at my predictions for 2020 which were published on New Year’s Eve 2019 and I was only mediocre. For 2020 that may have been pretty good.  I’ll review them and then take a stab at what I think were the top five stories of the year.  Since I’m writing this article on December 2nd I’m allowing myself two wild cards.  Let’s explore. 

My predictions for the biggest political stories of 2020 were: #1 the November election, #2 its aftermath, # 3 the impeachment, # 4 hot spots, # 5 climate change. The election and its aftermath were major stories but I have to drop both of them down a notch.  The election went much smoother than I had feared and to date so has its aftermath despite the antic of Donald Trump and his sycophants.  The impeachment seems like a distant memory.  That is both sad and will cost America in the years to come.  Thankfully international hot spots remained pretty cool.  Considering the incompetents we have running America that is fortunate!  Climate change was a big deal but with all else that was going on and the American Republican Party being the only political party of consequence in the world that denies it and/or man’s involvement in it climate change hardly made page one of the newspapers.

The biggest story for 2020 was the pandemic. As previously stated I’ll put the election and its aftermath at numbers 2 and 3.  I’ll put the impeachment at number four but it faded after mid-March.  In the fifth spot I will put the various scandals, many still unfolding, involving the Trump administration.  There was plenty of material there!

My first wild card is what I am calling Pardonpalooza which is simultaneously morphing into Pardongate. This one will last well into 2021 and has the potential to move into the top five by the time you read this.

My second wild card is necessary because Trump is like a cornered animal and totally unpredictable. It is simply some outrageous act(s) out of desperation and/or the need for a major distraction.  This idiot is capable of starting a war with Canada or something equally unthinkable for the sane among us.  I know that is the ultimate “hedging of my bet” but these are extremely dangerous times.

For the most part 2020 has been a horrible year. Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve; please celebrate 2020’s exit carefully.

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