2019 In Review

It’s the last day of a very eventful political year which means it’s an appropriate time to review the year’s biggest political stories. There may well be some legitimate disagreement about the order but I think I nailed them in my New Year’s Day prediction so I will review them in that order. Let’s explore. Continue reading 2019 In Review

More Than Political

Win or lose I am among the many who expect Donald Trump to issue several pardons as early as the day after the 2020 election. The almost sure thing is a bunch of political pardons to his boys. What if he goes much further? It could happen if he loses, later in his term if he wins. Let’s explore. Continue reading More Than Political

Return The “Gifts”

Today is Boxing Day. I’m not going to go into the genesis; it has basically evolved into the big day for returning Christmas presents to retailers. Sometimes it is a swap based on size or color. Often it is simply returning and getting cash or store credit for something you simply do not want. There is a political version of that called elections. With all that in mind let’s explore. Continue reading Return The “Gifts”

Under The 2020 Christmas Tree

Today is Christmas Day which has evolved into pretty much a secular holiday in America but is still the traditional time to give gifts. At tellthetruthonthem.com there is a mythical tree under which there are some gifts for progressives. Let’s take a peek.   Continue reading Under The 2020 Christmas Tree