My President Is A Fool And Other Observations

I’m still mired in last week. I’ll cover at least some of my obsessions in this article. I’ve never thought much of President Trump’s intelligence. I certainly don’t think he is a genius or very stable for that matter. Last week he outdid himself to prove me correct. Let’s explore. Continue reading My President Is A Fool And Other Observations

More Than Enough

I’m writing this Friday morning for Sunday publication and portraying it as the biggest political story of the preceding week. Some may say that is bold and downright dangerous considering the velocity of news in recent days. I think there is plenty of material for an article and also more than a sufficient amount of evidence to justify the impeachment of Donald Trump by the House and his subsequent removal from office by the Senate. Let’s explore.   Continue reading More Than Enough

A Timeline And A Plan

Now that we are calling the impeachment inquiry an impeachment inquiry the battle is one for public opinion. Impeachment is largely a political process and it will only be successful if it has public support. When it was based mainly on Russiagate the truth is there was insufficient public support. Ukrainegate may have either changed that or more likely was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Viewing polling in the next few weeks will be both interesting and telling. Let’s explore. Continue reading A Timeline And A Plan


For some time now it has been obvious that the House is engaged in an impeachment inquiry. The House Democrats are just doing what I call a semantics dance to avoid that specific verbiage. It is time for the dancing to come to a full stop! Continue reading STOP THE DANCING !!!

Posteriors In Prison

There have been a few notable versions of the Two Americas speech in recent political history. Barack Obama’s 2004 keynote address to the Democratic National Convention in Boston arguably enabled his presidency.   It is a different “two Americas” that I want to write about today. Let’s explore. Continue reading Posteriors In Prison