2019 Progressives Of The Year

Journalism took a lot of well-deserved shots because their obsession with ratings, viewers, readers and clicks that helped Donald Trump become the President. Since then the legitimate journalists have done a pretty good job of atoning for their sins of 2015 and 2016. Today tellthetruthonthem.com recognizes three outstanding journalists as its 2019 Progressives of the Year.

Interestingly they are all currently print journalists and to my knowledge only one of them spent any considerable time in television. While none are household names, two are famous within nerdy circles with the other one almost unknown. Their work shares common ground and two have actually collaborated. While I assume (I do not know for certain) that they are personally progressive; their work certainly is. In fact it is sad that their work should be considered progressive and not just common sense.

Julie K. Brown is a longtime reporter at the Miami Herald. Her most famous work, and the work for which she is being recognized today, has to do with doggedly pursuing the Jeffrey Epstein affair. She brought a voice to defenseless and forgotten women who wealthy men wanted to use, pay off and forget about. This ended up being an important part of the larger #me too movement.

I don’t think Epstein’s assisted suicide – and if you think he did it all on his own between diligent guard watch shifts you should be raising unicorns – ended this scandal. It may well take considerable time but I feel there is more to come and I wouldn’t be surprised if Julie breaks the story.

Ronan Farrow is the next to be recognized. Farrow is currently on the staff of The New Yorker where he has broken stories on Harvey Weinstein. He also had a blockbuster book published this year entitled, Catch and Kill where he outlines the evil deeds of many more in addition to Weinstein.

Farrow is barely 30 yet has a resume a 60 year old veteran journalist would be proud of. He has a Yale law degree, an Oxford doctorate, membership in the New York State Bar Association, a stint at the State Department in a prestigious job, time with NBC/MSNBC and a Pulitzer Prize among his accomplishments.

Jane Mayer is the final of the three but that is only because they were named in alphabetical order. Mayer is a veteran reporter for The New Yorker and has collaborated with Farrow. Her best known work is the book Dark Money which explores the influence of anonymous money in politics. She broke the Christine Blasey Ford and Deborah Ramirez stories during Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings.

Her body of work concentrates on women’s rights and corruption in both government and business.

Tellthetruthonthem.com is happy to name Julie K. Brown, Ronan Farrow and Jane Mayer its Co-Progressives of the Year for 2019 and looks forward to years of their work in the future.

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