2019 In Review

It’s the last day of a very eventful political year which means it’s an appropriate time to review the year’s biggest political stories. There may well be some legitimate disagreement about the order but I think I nailed them in my New Year’s Day prediction so I will review them in that order. Let’s explore.

Coming in at number five is weather events/climate change. 2019 was the hottest year ever recorded on Earth. Sea levels rose, islands disappeared and icebergs melted. Pollution levels rose. All that time Trump and his sycophants denied reality. I rest my case.

Although the term is seldom used domestic terrorism came in fourth place. That includes most mass shooting events of which there were plenty in 2019. Many of them were Trump inspired. As of this writing – and I’m certain the days between penning and publishing won’t change reality – a plethora of gun legislation sits in the Senate prevented from getting to the floor by Massacre Mitch McConnell.

It took until well into the fourth quarter for my number three story to materialize but once it did it took over the news almost completely. That is the House hearings into impeachment. By the time you read this we may even have articles of impeachment voted out of the House. During the year a new scandal, Ukrainegate, broke and became the basis of the hearings. Four presidents have been the subject of serious impeachment investigations, (Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump). Three of those occurred during my adult lifetime. I know a serious impeachment inquiry when I see it.

While it took up a lot of time and sucked a lot of political oxygen out of the room I have the Democratic presidential campaign at number two. For all intent and purposes there is no race on the Republican side. I’ve lost count but I know over 20 people have at some time or another presented themselves as candidates on the Democratic side. Over the holidays if anyone tells you they know who the Democratic nominee will be they are full of malarkey.

I still have Russiagate in the number one slot. I guess you have to give me a little poetic license in that Russiagate has also come to be impeachment and Ukrainegate. If you hold me to a stricter definition I will still cite the Mueller report, Bill Barr’s misrepresentation of the facts, and a host of other activities before Ukrainegate broke. I still contend that this particular aspect of the scandal isn’t over and ask you to remember the old adage – the cover-up is always worse than the crime. (Or at least in this case I think it will ultimately send more people to prison.)

As you would expect tomorrow I will make my predictions for 2020. If you should venture out tonight please drive carefully. Better yet utilize a designated driver or take a real taxicab.

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