Trump’s Last Win?

It appears that the 2018 mid-term election is finally over. Tuesday night Republican Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith was returned to the Senate. The result was not surprising and her margin of victory (54-46) was about what I guessed it would be (55-45). The biggest questions: Was this Trump’s last political win and will the majority of Congressional Republicans – especially in the Senate – now stop enabling him? Let’s explore. Continue reading Trump’s Last Win?

Really, Just A Few Hours

So much happened in such a short period of time that it took a moment to realize it was not a nightmare or fictional movie. Let’s explore. Continue reading Really, Just A Few Hours

The False Case Of Us v Them

More than two years have passed since America elected Donald Trump as President. The fact that we have survived an incompetent maniac for nearly two years is proof of America’s greatness. All that time passed and I’m still trying to understand how the people of Appalachia and the Rust Belt (which I come from) helped make this happen. Despite soul searching and a lot of reading I still don’t have a conclusive answer but I do have another clue which I’d like to share with you today. Let’s explore.   Continue reading The False Case Of Us v Them

Some Lessons From The Mid-Terms

We are on the eve of the Mississippi Senate runoff. The last few 2018 races are yet to be called but enough of the dust has settled to derive a lot of lessons. Let’s explore. Continue reading Some Lessons From The Mid-Terms

My President Is A Lying Coward

When you looked at the title of today’s article I don’t know if your reaction was, “That’s a strong statement” or, “It took you this long to figure it out?” In any event Trump removed any doubt about its validity this past week. Let’s explore. Continue reading My President Is A Lying Coward