The Trumpian Candidate

Last week was a rare week that I actually adhered to my writing schedule which meant I took Thursday and Friday off from writing. That allowed me to watch gavel to gavel coverage of the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on both days. Let’s explore. Continue reading The Trumpian Candidate

Live Skunk In The Senate

Tuesday evening the Washington Post lifted the veil of secrecy surrounding identity of the woman the 11 male Republican Senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee had chosen to hide behind when it published the name of Rachel Mitchell. Ms. Mitchell is the Sex Crimes Bureau Chief in the Maricopa (AZ) County Attorney’s Office. Immediately Loudon Wainwright III’s 1972 novelty song Dead Skunk In The Middle Of The Road played in my mind. Let’s explore. Continue reading Live Skunk In The Senate

Eve Of Distraction?

In the wake of the “national fire drill” regarding Rod Rosenstein on Monday it was announced that he and President Trump would meet on Thursday. (Act II?) Trump is talented at few things but one of them is manipulating the media therefore my almost instant thought was what a wonderful (from Trump’s standpoint) way to distract from the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing on Brett Kavanaugh. Let’s explore.   Continue reading Eve Of Distraction?

Too Close To The Sun

This appears to be my week of writing dangerously. This is the third op-ed of the week and all have tried to predict the future. It is Monday morning as I pen this piece; who knows if it will last until this afternoon let alone publication on Tuesday morning. All that said, let’s explore. Continue reading Too Close To The Sun


I just added The Plot To Destroy Democracy by Malcolm Nance to the Recommended Reading List. It is another masterpiece by Nance which does not require that you have read his previous works nor is it redundant. In it he clearly shows Russia’s efforts to destroy democracy via cyber interference in the democratic process in various western countries very much including America.

Nance is quickly becoming one of my favorite non-fiction authors because he is accurate and easy to read while portending the headlines of the near future. When they break you will not only say “I knew that” you will also understand what has happened.