Coattails To Wave?

The Democrats will have to defend 26 Senate seats this November, (that includes the two independents who caucus with them). Nine of them, approximately one-third, were won in 2012 in part by riding Obama’s coattails. At least four of the nine look to be vulnerable. That presents some interesting situations. Let’s explore. Continue reading Coattails To Wave?

Some Random Thoughts On American Education

What you read influences your thoughts at least to the extent that it takes them in certain directions. Some of that will be reflected in today’s piece. Some of what I will say will border on redundant for my regular readers. In any event I’d like to briefly discuss today’s American education system and where I think it needs to go. Let’s explore. Continue reading Some Random Thoughts On American Education

The 2018 Endorsement Of Sherrod Brown

This is the second time is endorsing Sherrod Brown for reelection to the United States Senate from Ohio. 2012 was the first time and some of this article is a cut and paste job. I make no apologies for that. Brown is a man of integrity and his “political stripes” haven’t changed. Ohio is my “state to watch” on Election night because the outcome of this and the Governor’s race can have major implications on 2020. Continue reading The 2018 Endorsement Of Sherrod Brown

Searching For 17

By the time you get to the writing phase in political op-eds you normally have a conclusion. Today’s posting is an exception. I am literally coming up with a conclusion as I write. Here is the premise. On the assumption the Democrats take over the House in January I think the (much warranted) impeachment (think: indictment) of Donald Trump is a foregone conclusion. Conviction in the Senate requires 67 votes. I am going to assume the next Senate will be split 50-50. (That probably won’t happen exactly, but it will be very close to that.) On the assumption that the entire Democratic caucus votes to convict that means 17 Republicans will have to join them. With all those assumptions in mind let’s explore. Continue reading Searching For 17