We Don’t Need A Democratic Trump!

At some point in time I will do a series on what I anticipate to be a rather large starting field for the 2020 Democratic Presidential nomination. Not too long ago I wrote a piece imploring the “older generation” of Democrats to make room for a relatively younger group. Even though that disqualifies some of my favorite progressives, I still feel that way. Today I want to again paint with a wide brush and say we don’t need a celebrity novice. Let’s explore. Continue reading We Don’t Need A Democratic Trump!

A Plethora Of Material

I readily admit that I can’t keep up with the volume of political news. Unfortunately the vast majority of it is negative. At the beginning of 2017 I reduced the number of my weekly op-eds on this site from seven to five but that doesn’t change the fact that seven also would have been insufficient. Today I’ll do a little “mop up” operation and briefly touch on a few occurrences otherwise left neglected. Let’s explore. Continue reading A Plethora Of Material

The Coming Trump Recession

If I were to commit a particular crime – say rob a store – there is a fairly good chance I would get away with it if the caper were well planned and an isolated incident. Life is very forgiving in that an isolated mistake often goes unpunished. Ever driven home after a wee bit too much to drink? If you make a habit of it you are bound to get into a serious if not fatal accident and/or get arrested. Economic mistakes are much the same and Trump continues to make them. Let’s explore. Continue reading The Coming Trump Recession

Sustainable ?

Saturday approximately 800,000 mostly young people gathered in Washington, D.C. to demand sensible gun regulations in America. Millions of others held similar demonstrations in cities across America and around the world. The catalyst of this movement is the Valentine’s Day mass murder in a Florida high school. The problem is much deeper. To date the movement has had a modest positive impact and has the potential to be the equal of the Civil Rights and anti-Vietnam War movements. I don’t question its potential; I primarily worry about its sustainability.    Continue reading Sustainable ?


The two most important things that happened in American politics last week are things that didn’t happen. The title of today’s article comes from an old basketball offense. I think we learned a lot about President Trump’s future strategy last week. Let’s explore and I will weave it all together. Continue reading Bona