Before I Exit The Door

Unlike most bloggers, (I dislike the term, it sounds like someone vomited), I very seldom immediately post what I write. Normally I write it the day before or at least only a few days ahead of publishing. However my wife and I are taking some well-deserved time to travel over the first ten to twelve or so days of September and this will be the last relatively live article of mine you will read until September 14th. In the spirit of “cleaning up” I decided instead of dedicating an article to a single topic I would make a series of short observations and/or comments. Continue reading Before I Exit The Door

The GOP Is Killing Americans

Were you shocked by the title of today’s posting? I certainly hope you were. Unfortunately too many Americans are not sufficiently shocked to vote the Republicans out of office at the state level where most of the carnage is taking place. This is not the first time I have contended that the Republicans are hazardous to our collective health; perhaps Americans will do something about it this November. Continue reading The GOP Is Killing Americans

Executive Choices

There are seemingly infinite variations of an old saw along the lines of “You can’t choose your family; but you can choose your friends.” It is often utilized as one of those lessons in life moments between a parent and a child. Donald Trump’s campaign has given it new meaning and voters should be aware.   Continue reading Executive Choices

Turkish Mystery

Again the big political story of the week just ended centered on Turkey and again the American media didn’t give it a lot of news coverage. Donald Trump is a world class buffoon and he garners a lot of readers/viewers/listeners but it is no wonder the average American knows so little of what happens outside the lower 48. What happened and its significance cannot be completely covered in a few hundred words but let’s look at it together. Continue reading Turkish Mystery

Danger For D’s

As we are about to hit the unofficial final sprint to the finish in what feels like an infinite 2016 presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton and fellow Democrats look to be in great shape. Hillary appears headed for an Electoral College landslide victory. The Democrats are heavily favored to take back the Senate (although not by a filibuster proof majority). Just the other day I talked to a Democratic congressional candidate in a district gerrymandered to favor a Republican who had just gotten polling results that put him behind by single digits and therefore in striking range. All that being said, why am I still somewhat worried? Let’s explore. Continue reading Danger For D’s