2 Sentences

Last week my end of the political spectrum went wild raving about an article entitled, January 6 Was Practice, that Barton Gellman wrote for The Atlantic. I thought it was good, perhaps very good. It was (by design) too long for most Americans. I read it in its entirety and the last two sentences still haunt me days later.

The article did an extremely thorough job of outlining the challenge democracy is facing in America today. It plays right into Vladimir Putin’s hands. In this country it is the Trump inspired work of right wing domestic terrorists and Republicans. (The line between the groups appears to get thinner daily.)

The work takes a relatively deep dive into the Big Lie, conspiracy theories, voter suppression, voter intimidation and voter nullification. Expect to hear more from me on most of those subjects in the months to come.

The bottom line is that Trump and his loyalists at trying to rig the 2024 election in their favor. To date, while the mission is not completely accomplished, they are making swift progress. In a previous work Gellman largely called 1/6. He is now among the many who think it was sort of a dry run.

I could go on for pages and pages but I purposely want to be brief today. If you want depth, Gellman’s article is among the better places to begin your journey. I know I will sound like a left wing alarmist but there is a need to be scared. Very, very scared. American democracy is under attack and that is the plain truth, not hyperbole.

The last two sentences are: “Donald Trump may be capable of winning a fair election in 2024. He does not intend to take that chance.”

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