14 ?

Timestamp: Saturday evening.

If you will accept my counting Palestine (I have to give Gaza a name) and Yemen as countries, as of this writing fourteen counties are to some degree involved in the current conflict in the Middle East. They are: Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, The Netherlands, Pakistan, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, The UK, The USA and Yemen.
Some are more involved than others. My list is based on open source information. How many countries, if any, did I miss? Are there any other(s) who are involved but their involvement is not publically known?

Most of the coverage to date has centered on the hostages and the innocent people trapped in Gaza. That is rightfully so and I have to accept some blame on that count.

Every one of the nations I named is involved to some degree. Some more than other and some just on the periphery. Are there “players” who are thus far only covertly involved? Are there others who could easily become covertly involved? In both of those cases I’m particularly thinking of China and Russia. Will covert become overt?

Add to that list nations who, for a variety of reasons, could become involved if their oil supply or shipping interests become jeopardized.

Today I’m offering no solutions but a lot of questions. All I’m saying is keep an eye on this, it is already big and it could become huge, as in global.

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