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Three Of A Kind?

As the Trump administration fumbles its way to what I anticipate will be an inglorious ending it is difficult not to compare it with two failed Republican presidencies of my lifetime. As I write this Trump is in the air on his way back from the G20 meetings in Hamburg, Germany. His actions to date remind me very much of those of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. Let’s explore. Continue reading Three Of A Kind?


I just added two books to the Recommended Reading section: Timothy Snyder’s On Tranny and Nancy Isenberg’s White Trash.

They are very different.  Yale professor Snyder’s On Tranny is a very short book broken into twenty points.  It compares the rise of communism in what was the Soviet Union and fascism in what was Nazi Germany to the rise of several (including Donald Trump) current politicians.

LSU professor Isenberg’s White Trash is a long scholarly work that could be used as a Sociology text.  Her work explores the history of race and class in American history.

Just Part Of Vlad’s Master Plan

Russiagate dominated American political news again last week. This situation very much reminds me of Watergate. I have a feeling that when all is said and done the old political axiom of the cover up being worse than the crime will again be proven true. I feel there is a big difference with Russiagate – it is part of a foreign government’s master plan. Let’s explore. Continue reading Just Part Of Vlad’s Master Plan

The Leak Will Be A Flood

Please note: This article is being written in late August for publication in early September. The longer than normal lead time is to accommodate my travel schedule. While the article is written as a prediction, it may in fact be commenting on something that already occurred. In any event I expect multiple leaks before Election Day and the advice contained within is applicable regardless of chronology.

It appears Wikileaks has aligned itself with the Putin regime in Russia and together they have and will continue to release purloined e-mails and other related information with the goals of embarrassing Hillary Clinton and thereby influencing Americans to vote for Putin’s preferred candidate, Donald Trump, in the upcoming American Presidential election. Continue reading The Leak Will Be A Flood