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Simultaneously Read, Enjoy And Think

I have a policy of only adding non-fiction books to the Recommended Reading section. That category comprises most of my reading. The more I learn the more I discover I don’t know; that probably accounts for the number of nerdy books I read. There is a genre of writing known as historical fiction. The story is fiction but the depicted events are real. One of the many advantages of “working” for yourself is that you get to bend the rules. Today I want to discuss something that a book of historical fiction made me think about. Let’s explore. Continue reading Simultaneously Read, Enjoy And Think

Representative Democracy At Stake

I am ethnically Polish. I have light skin, blue eyes, stood six foot tall in my youth and the “threads” that are not “silver” are “gold”. I could easily pass for several other ethnicities including Russian – or what Americans think Russians looks like anyway. Like America, Russia is a large diverse country. Also like America the politically powerful people are almost all white; therefore when an American thinks of a Russian they think of a Slavic looking white person. What if white Americans thought of a person of color when they thought of a Russian? Let’s explore. Continue reading Representative Democracy At Stake

Thank You France!!!!!!!!!!

On June 6, 1944 allied forces led by the United States and operating out of England landed on France’s beaches to liberate France and make the free world safe. It didn’t all end that day. Precious lives and treasure were still to be expended; but that was the turning point from which the evil of fascism never recovered. Yesterday France may well have returned the favor. Please join me in exploring my joy. Continue reading Thank You France!!!!!!!!!!

The Skittles Immigration Policy

Back in late 2000 when it became painfully obvious that George W. Bush was going to become our 43rd President I toyed with the idea of starting a blog where I would dedicate each day to calling out the mistake the Bush administration made the prior day. Circumstances precluded me from doing so. I’m not certain I would have had something on a daily basis, but it would have been close. In the event of Donald Trump winning the 2016 election I briefly thought about a similar addition to this site outlining the daily misdeeds of The Donald from the prior day. The problem would be that I would have to choose which misdeed to write about; if his rule resembles his campaign there will be more than a scandal a day. I’d love to call him out on everything between now and the election but I simply lack the capacity. Continue reading The Skittles Immigration Policy