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Short Term Victory; Long Term Defeat

I was watching MSNBC last Tuesday evening. That’s no major revelation nor is it anything unusual. What was unusual was the hype the network gave to The Rachel Maddow Show that evening. Perhaps with the benefit of hindsight I understand what really happened a bit better. Let’s explore.   Continue reading Short Term Victory; Long Term Defeat

Donald The Unfit!

Plain and simply Donald Trump is unfit to be President of the United States! His ignorance of history (the nuclear triad), international relations (NATO) and the role of the executive branch in our system of government (I, alone can solve this) is astounding and terrifying! Here is the really scary part; those are not the disqualifying shortcomings I want to discuss today. Continue reading Donald The Unfit!

The Enshrinement Of Thurgood Marshall

It has been over a year since I inducted someone into the Progressive Hall of Fame. It is not something that is done lightly or under the pressure of time constraint. The theme of this man’s life could have been: Don’t just get mad and/or even; do something positive to change the situation. Continue reading The Enshrinement Of Thurgood Marshall