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Stay Active Patroit

Progressive and anti-Trump activity is paying dividends. It has definitely mitigated and limited the damage that President Trump, his team and the Republicans would like to inflict on America. It entails a combination of hard work, inconvenience and sacrifice. The job is far from done and we need to keep up the good work. Let’s explore. Continue reading Stay Active Patroit

The Somewhat Hidden Harm

Many are saying that the Trump administration and the Republican controlled 115th Congress aren’t getting anything done. That is not completely accurate. Distracted by Russiagate they are getting little done, but what is being accomplished is almost all bad for the average American. Today I’d like to look at one example that has largely flown under the radar. Continue reading The Somewhat Hidden Harm

Short Term Victory; Long Term Defeat

I was watching MSNBC last Tuesday evening. That’s no major revelation nor is it anything unusual. What was unusual was the hype the network gave to The Rachel Maddow Show that evening. Perhaps with the benefit of hindsight I understand what really happened a bit better. Let’s explore.   Continue reading Short Term Victory; Long Term Defeat

My President Is A Liar!

Yes, Donald Trump is my President and that of all Americans’ whether we like it or not. By the rules and laws under which we conduct American presidential elections he won; it is that plain and simple. That does not in any way alter the fact that he is a liar. The word lie and any of its derivative forms is not normally used in political discourse and certainly not in anything resembling polite political writing; these are not normal times. Saturday I saw a glimmer of hope in our situation. Let’s explore. Continue reading My President Is A Liar!

Bright Side Con Job?

November 13th was the first Sunday after the election. In a quest to find some reason to be optimistic tellthetruthonthem.com published Looking At The Bright Side that day. In it I expressed the hope that the Congress could agree with President-elect Trump and pass a major infrastructure program. While I expected some self-dealing on the part of Trump and the normal political insider return on investment to financial backers I envisioned a program following a tradition government funded and publically owned model. Monday Paul Krugman, who apparently did more homework than I did, penned an op-ed in the New York Times entitled Build He Won’t that made me look very Pollyannaish. Let’s explore. Continue reading Bright Side Con Job?