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Still Definition

Sunday, while working on another project I stumbled across an August 2012 article I wrote talking about the importance of defining your opponent in politics. The campaign in question was the Obama-Romney contest. I’d like to relate that to the 2016 Clinton-Trump contest. Let’s explore. Continue reading Still Definition

Risk Getting Wet

Friday the SS Trump (perhaps to be more accurate the BS Trump) took another torpedo. In this metaphor the Trump campaign is a sinking ship and establishment elected Republicans or those who plan to run for office in the future would be well advised to abandon ship. Let’s look at that today. Continue reading Risk Getting Wet

We Love The Proven Failures And Obsolete

Donald Trump has the habit of referring to himself in the collective. It’s always “We love” we this and we that. My question is who the hell are we? It certainly doesn’t include me. Perhaps he should be truthful for once and say Bubba and I. Many of Trump’s proposals and observation are so ridiculous they are actually humorous. Let’s have a few laughs today. Continue reading We Love The Proven Failures And Obsolete

What The Hell You Can Lose

In November of 2012 the Republican establishment was shocked by Mitt Romney’s Electoral College landslide loss to Barrack Obama. By December they came out with what is popularly known as the Republican Autopsy Report. Being the wordsmiths they are its actual title was the Growth and Opportunity Project. If 2016 is any indication it was a waste of time and money. Continue reading What The Hell You Can Lose