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Buyers’ Remorse Coming – Part II

Getting the Supreme Court to overturn a fairly recent ruling is very difficult. The Court simply does not like to do that. In one way it is good since it keeps our laws fairly consistent. In April of 2011 the Court ruled in favor of AT&T in AT&T Mobility v Conception. This case has to do the consumer rights of average Americans. It affects almost every American and yet I am willing to bet well under 10% of American adults even know it exists. Let’s explore just what it is and what the impact of the 2016 election will have on it.   Continue reading Buyers’ Remorse Coming – Part II

An Evening With A SCOTUS “Expert”

I put the word expert in quotation marks because I don’t believe anyone is an expert when it comes to the Supreme Court. On more than one occasion I have written that predicting what the Court will do is a fool’s errand. On numerous occasions I have been that fool. The closest we can come to an expert is one of the small group of journalists whose job is to follow the Court. The other night I got to hear one of them, Robert Barnes of the Washington Post, speak at Louisburg College in Louisburg, North Carolina. Continue reading An Evening With A SCOTUS “Expert”

A Good Day For The Ladies At The Court

Monday was a good day for women at the Supreme Court. The Court announced its decision in Voisine v United States, which kept women safe and in Whole Woman’s Health v Hellerstadt which reaffirmed a right and made them safer. Let’s explore. Continue reading A Good Day For The Ladies At The Court