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No Fishing

When you juxtapose the facts that I care about America and that Donald Trump is currently President it is easy to understand why I am often upset these days. Lately one thing in particular is annoying me because it is so clear cut yet so many are dancing around its fringes with superfluous arguments. Let’s explore. Continue reading No Fishing

On Base: Donald Trump

Over the past few days I’ve noticed several “dots” somewhat hidden in the news. I think I may have connected them and if so I have a prediction to make. Let’s explore. Continue reading On Base: Donald Trump

A Tale Of Two Dons

My Sunday article tradition is to write about the big political story of the preceding week. Last week I feel there was two of equal importance. One got a lot of press; the other flew largely under the radar. They had to do primarily with the actions of a Donald, Jr. and of Don McConnell along with the reaction of Don Trump. Let’s explore.   Continue reading A Tale Of Two Dons

A “Dirty Joke”?

Q: Why do farts smell? A: For the benefit of those who don’t hear them. I guess I’m stretching my self-imposed PG rating for articles with that elementary school version of a dirty joke, but it was the first thing I thought of when I read the reports that Donald Trump, Jr. had become the new champion of the movement to enact legislation making it much easier to get silencers for guns. Let’s explore. Continue reading A “Dirty Joke”?

The Skittles Immigration Policy

Back in late 2000 when it became painfully obvious that George W. Bush was going to become our 43rd President I toyed with the idea of starting a blog where I would dedicate each day to calling out the mistake the Bush administration made the prior day. Circumstances precluded me from doing so. I’m not certain I would have had something on a daily basis, but it would have been close. In the event of Donald Trump winning the 2016 election I briefly thought about a similar addition to this site outlining the daily misdeeds of The Donald from the prior day. The problem would be that I would have to choose which misdeed to write about; if his rule resembles his campaign there will be more than a scandal a day. I’d love to call him out on everything between now and the election but I simply lack the capacity. Continue reading The Skittles Immigration Policy