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The Corporate Tax Cut

After a huge tax cut for the wealthiest veiled as Trumpcare failed again in late September the Republicans, aided by President Trump, immediately shifted their focus to what they call tax reform. Both were smokescreens for a tax cut. Trumpcare had little to do with health care and despite rhetoric to the contrary, Trump’s tax reform proposal has little to do with benefiting the middle class and everything to do with providing a return on investment to Republican financiers. Today I’d like to focus on just one of many fallacies in the “package”. Let’s explore. Continue reading The Corporate Tax Cut

Greatest Hits: Responsibility For The National Debt Revisited

Please note: The following article was originally posted in July of 2011. While its numbers are certainly dated the principles they illustrate are not. The national debt has again arisen as an issue in the 2016 campaign. The Republicans falsely try to portray it as total mismanagement by President Obama aided by Hillary Clinton.   In reality it illustrates that a combination of tax cuts and faulty decisions by the George W. Bush administration have inflated the debt more than the collective actions of all his predecessors and President Obama combined. Continue reading Greatest Hits: Responsibility For The National Debt Revisited