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Earlier today I added two books to the Recommended Reading Section.  They are A Colony in a Nation by Chris Hayes and Shattered by Jonathan Allen and Aime Parnes.

A Colony in a Nation is a rather short book that deals with inequity, policing, racism, mass incarceration and white privilege.

Shattered deal with the 2016 election focusing on the Clinton campaign.

If Trump Truly Cared

I caught a few minutes of Chris Hayes’ show on Monday night with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in McDowell County, West Virginia. The conversation turned to the problem of opiate addiction. It made me think: what if the Trump administration took the challenge of helping those addicted to opiates as seriously as it took dismantling environmental regulations? Specifically what if it issued a mandate that for every person incarcerated for possession we put two in treatment? Let’s explore. Continue reading If Trump Truly Cared