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And That Was Before The “Main Event”

The 2016 Republican Convention will certainly provide me with more material than I can possibly cover. This article is being written early Tuesday morning and only covers the events up to Monday’s dinner break. Continue reading And That Was Before The “Main Event”

The Endorsement Of Hillary Clinton

I see no finer, more qualified candidate for President of the United States emerging in the 2016 field than Hillary Clinton. She has a combination of education, maturity, political and life experience superior to any candidate of either Party declared or rumored. Continue reading The Endorsement Of Hillary Clinton

Brexit Texit Nix It

The repercussions of last week’s Brexit vote are still reverberating around the world and have served as an inspiration for right wing extremists everywhere including America. I have a simple answer on how to handle this: stop it! Continue reading Brexit Texit Nix It