Which End Of The Horse?

Sunday Donald Trump announced his first two appointments and the controversy continues. While some 4,000 people will be hired at the President-elect’s discretion most of the high profile ones will require Senate confirmation; these two did not. Trump had a completely free hand in them and they may give us a glimpse into what a Trump presidency will look like. The crystal ball is still hazy. Nonetheless let’s gaze into it together. Continue reading Which End Of The Horse?

Buyers’ Remorse Coming -Part I

I grew up in Western New York and didn’t leave it until 1999. I have a pretty good feel for the people. I remember its glory days where you could come out of high school, get a job at an auto factory or steel mill and have a middle class life that culminated in a pretty decent retirement. Those days and the jobs they brought have been gone for some time now. My father actually thought I was crazy to go to college; he felt I should have gone to work at one of the two Chevy plants. Continue reading Buyers’ Remorse Coming -Part I

Looking At The Bright Side

If I told you I hadn’t experience shock and fear over the election of Donald Trump last week I would be lying. I have written a few gloomy articles on the topic and I suspect there are many more to be posted over the coming years. Today I wanted to look at one possible bright consequence of Trump’s election. Continue reading Looking At The Bright Side


It’s Friday morning as I write this and the news reports tell me that large groups of people took to the streets in 12 American cities last night to protest the election of Donald Trump as President. It was the second night in a row and some of the protests turned destructive. Let’s explore. Continue reading Now?

Draining The Swamp – Really?

Late in the campaign the Trump forces added a new phrase to their arsenal: “Drain the swamp.” His minions immediately picked up on it and echoed it to all that would listen. It was part of their justification for supporting him. Well, actions speak louder than words. Let’s explore. Continue reading Draining The Swamp – Really?