Rated R – The Enterprises And Associates Of Art Pope

The poster boy for the reverse Robin Hood role is North Carolina billionaire Art Pope. Pope’s inherited business empire operates under the umbrella of Variety Wholesalers. Variety is privately held and therefore it is difficult to get exact numbers, but they do business under ten different names. They are in retail and there are two guiding principles they utilize when determining where to locate a store. They look for a neighborhood with a median income of under $40,000 and a population that is at least 25% African-American. In less polite language, they look for people with fewer options that they can exploit. Continue reading Rated R – The Enterprises And Associates Of Art Pope

Rated R – Papa John’s

I am a staunch defender of the First Amendment which guarantees the freedom of speech and freedom of association. That amendment defends John “Papa John” Schnatter’s right to be incorrect, greedy and to associate with con men like Willard Romney. It also defends progressives’ right to not patronize his business. Continue reading Rated R – Papa John’s

Rated R – Gator’s Dockside Restaurants

When a restaurant doesn’t care about the health of its employees, by extension it doesn’t care about the health of its customers. Add to that the fact that it is willfully deceiving its customers and it is time to eat elsewhere. Let me introduce you to the Florida restaurant chain Gator’s Dockside. Continue reading Rated R – Gator’s Dockside Restaurants

Rated R – Fox News

I am a procrastinator, I admit it. For some time now I have wanted to add a Rated R section to the website. It is inspired by the economic boycotts that the union and civil rights movements used so effectively in the past. I realize a full boycott is sometimes impractical and often would hurt the boycotter as much or more than the boycotted. Therefore the Rated R, as in the movie rating, “R – Restricted”. I am asking my readers to restrict their patronage of the listed institutions. Today we list our first of what will be many organizations or products – Fox News. Continue reading Rated R – Fox News

Rated R – Las Vegas Sands Corporation

Much has been made of late of Sheldon Adelson’s donations to the pro Newt Gingrich Super PAC Winning Our Future. Adelson is the C.E.O. of Las Vegas Sands Corporation. Like every American, Mr. Adelson is free to choose which candidates he supports with his political donations. All I would like is for progressives to give Mr. Adelson a little less money to operate with.   Continue reading Rated R – Las Vegas Sands Corporation