The Endorsement Of Gil Johnson

Almost all the attention is focused on the presidential race. Democrats generally do a good job of turning out to vote in presidential years; not so good the rest of the time. That is one of the reasons we have too many states controlled by Republicans and gridlock in Washington. If you followed politics closely since 2011 you know that most harm has been done at the state level. Today I’m asking my readers to focus on a down ballot race that will only appear in a relatively small geography in North Carolina. That is certainly not a reason to dismiss it! Races like these often have a life and death effect on everyday Americans.   Continue reading The Endorsement Of Gil Johnson

The Endorsement Of John McNeil

I met John McNeil this past January as he was just beginning his run for the House of Representatives. At that point it was in North Carolina’s 13th Congressional District. Due to a subsequent court ruling that the Republicans in Raleigh had unconstitutionally redrawn the districts in 2011 he and I now find ourselves in North Carolina’s 2nd Congressional District. Long story short: John won his primary and ends up facing Republican incumbent “Sleeping” George Holding in the general election anyway.   Continue reading The Endorsement Of John McNeil

A Labor Day Thought

Today is Labor Day in the United States and Canada (except in Canada they spell it Labour). Like most progressives I’m pro-union and certainly pro-labor. Part of that I’m certain has to do with where I grew up. I was born in Buffalo, New York and raised in one of its adjacent suburbs, Cheektowaga. Arguably Cheektowaga’s main street is Union Road and my high school alma mater sits on it to this day. Continue reading A Labor Day Thought

The Leak Will Be A Flood

Please note: This article is being written in late August for publication in early September. The longer than normal lead time is to accommodate my travel schedule. While the article is written as a prediction, it may in fact be commenting on something that already occurred. In any event I expect multiple leaks before Election Day and the advice contained within is applicable regardless of chronology.

It appears Wikileaks has aligned itself with the Putin regime in Russia and together they have and will continue to release purloined e-mails and other related information with the goals of embarrassing Hillary Clinton and thereby influencing Americans to vote for Putin’s preferred candidate, Donald Trump, in the upcoming American Presidential election. Continue reading The Leak Will Be A Flood

A Taxing Decision For The Donald

Many of the articles you will read on this site in early September were written well ahead of time in order to accommodate my travel schedule. There is a risk in doing that. Circumstance may change and the article may be outdated and inaccurate before it ever gets before the reader’s eyes. I’m comfortable that this will not be one of those cases. Today I’d like to talk about why I feel Donald Trump will never release his tax returns to the public. Continue reading A Taxing Decision For The Donald