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The Carpenter And The Arsonist

One of the challenges that face progressives is refuting the lies of our political opponents. Americans have a very short political attention span, (about 30 to 120 seconds). You can tell several lies in thirty seconds, but it takes much longer to refute them. That got me to searching for an analogy to illustrate the danger that destroyers pose. I think I found one in my family history. Let’s explore. Continue reading The Carpenter And The Arsonist


Earlier today I added Horsemen of the Trumpocalyse by John Nichols to the Recommended Reading Section.

This addition was a surprise to me.  Well into the book I thought I was reading it primarily for personal enjoyment.  Nicholas profiles various members of the Trump administration in some 40 odd chapters which read more like biographical essays.  He profiles several that are flying under the radar to political junkies let alone average Americans.

The book reveals the evil that is taking place behind the scenes while we are all paying rapt attention to the circus in the White House.

Tell A Bigger Lie

It’s late September, your Party gained control of both the executive and legislative branches of government and you have yet to pass a piece of significant legislation. What do you do? The answer Republicans came up with last week is to tell an even bigger lie. It’s a little more complex so let’s explore. Continue reading Tell A Bigger Lie

The Stupid Club

Donald Trump professes to be a brilliant man. I have yet to see proof of it; in fact his presidency is proving the opposite unless you count immorality and swindling as brilliance. He appears to have attracted many similar people to his orbit. Let’s explore. Continue reading The Stupid Club