Money And Motive

To other than political junkies a piece of news that broke Tuesday won’t mean much but it really tells us a lot about the 2016 race. It was reported and verified by the Trump campaign that Donald Trump had run his final big money fundraiser on October 19th. Let’s explore what that really means. Continue reading Money And Motive

Get Rid Of Rubio!

I have a lot of readers in Florida. Many of them are personal friends. This article is primarily for my Sunshine State readers, but there are similar opportunities in many other states. Let’s explore. Continue reading Get Rid Of Rubio!

How Many In The Basket?

I’m not in the habit of defending conservatives or driving traffic to conservative publicans like the National Review. I am in the habit of calling out despicable behavior and that is exactly what I am doing today. Continue reading How Many In The Basket?

Would You Buy A New Cadillac For $250?

As I write this column we are just over a fortnight away from Election Day 2016. While the presidential race has supplied me with an overabundance of material I’m ready for it to be over! Most Americans share that sentiment. This has been a particularly disgusting contest primarily consisting of personal attacks, lies and slime. The conversation has been almost totally devoid of policy issues. Coming from both progressive and patriotic perspectives I can’t wait to get rid of the threat of a possible President Trump. The reality is we are not getting rid of Donald Trump totally. However we can make Trump an avoidable annoyance instead of a danger. Continue reading Would You Buy A New Cadillac For $250?

An Examination Of Priorities

Perhaps the fact that I have lived in North Carolina for the past several years magnifies the problem in my mind but before you vote I want you to consider where the two parties’ priorities are. The Democrats are putting a lot of emphasis on combatting the negative effects of climate change; the Republicans either don’t even believe it exists, think it is a Chinese hoax or think man’s actions have nothing to do with it. The Republicans have made combating voter fraud (or at least that’s what they cloak their effort at voter suppression as) a major focus despite the fact that voter fraud in American elections is close to non-existent. Let’s explore.   Continue reading An Examination Of Priorities