The Court And The Senate Too

Most of the oxygen in the press room has been sucked up by the presidential race thus far this cycle. That is with good reason. It is the big prize. Also one of the nominees is colorful, zany and makes for great ratings. There are a plethora of other very important contests. Just sticking to the federal level every seat in the House of Representatives is up for reelection and there is a United States Senate race in 33 states. Continue reading The Court And The Senate Too

It’s Nerdy Time – Third Edition

I wanted to stick with the Nerdy Time theme to readily identify this column for my readers but I could have just as well called it ‘Twas The Math Before The First Debate because that is what I intend to cover today. Specifically I want to take a look at where I think the Electoral College votes stand as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump prepare to face off in the first of three scheduled 2016 Presidential Debates. Let’s explore. Continue reading It’s Nerdy Time – Third Edition

Fair To Who?

In today’s American politics it appears journalists attempts at fairness favors the liars and deceivers while shortchanging a public too busy to pay attention to much more than 30 second sound bites and certainly too busy to do research or consult knowledgeable fact checkers. In term of the 2016 presidential election that translates into an enormous advantage for Donald Trump! Continue reading Fair To Who?

We Love The Proven Failures And Obsolete

Donald Trump has the habit of referring to himself in the collective. It’s always “We love” we this and we that. My question is who the hell are we? It certainly doesn’t include me. Perhaps he should be truthful for once and say Bubba and I. Many of Trump’s proposals and observation are so ridiculous they are actually humorous. Let’s have a few laughs today. Continue reading We Love The Proven Failures And Obsolete

Stop It At Its Cause

A few days ago it was revealed that Wells Fargo Bank fired about 5,300 relatively low level employees for opening up unauthorized bank accounts. Tuesday Well Fargo’s CEO John G. Stumpf testified before the Senate Banking Committee. His testimony and facts revealed about this current scandal (and there will be more like it) reinforce an argument I have been making for some time – we need to put some CEO’s in prison. Let’s explore. Continue reading Stop It At Its Cause